“We pride ourselves on providing the best dance environment for your child whether it’s for the fun and enjoyment of dance alone or to undertake the personal challenge of exams. Contact Us to ask about trial classes.

Royal Academy of Dance

Classical Ballet

Ballet classes are available from three years of age where the enjoyment of movement, imagination and musicality are the focus. Graded ballet classes are for students wishing to develop a strong classical technique, muscular strength and are encouraged to undertake R.A.D. exams which typically are scheduled twice a year.

Explore fluidity and style


Modern classes are taught using the ISTD modern syllabus. The classes include exercises to stretch, strengthen and loosen the body and develop fluidity of movement inthe students’ dancing. This syllabus can be adapted to Contemporary or Jazz. Exams are held annually.

Creativity and self awareness


Contemporary classes are taught using the innovative new Rambert syllabus. North Balgowlah School of Dance is the only school in the Southern Hemisphere currently teaching this innovative new  contemporary syllabus, developed in London. The Rambert syllabus trains contemporary dance from grades 1-8. It includes technical aspects of the contemporary class along with creative improvisation tasks and some partner tasks. Rambert is an inclusive training program that is open to anyone.

Fun and energetic


In Jazz classes students learn the latest choreography set to current chart music in a fun high-energy environment. These classes are suitable for both once-a-week teenagers to ballet, tap and modern students wishing to improve their overall technique. We also offer classes in commercial jazz.

Rhythm and timing


Tap classes teach students rhythm and relaxation. Students explore a large range of music and choreography from the diverse world of tap from Broadway through to Tap Dogs. Our tap classes are taught using the Tapattak Oz tap syllabus.

Dance with drama

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre class combines a variety of theatrical performance techniques such as acting and dancing. Our classes provide a fun environment for boys and girls, younger and older students alike to express themselves.