NBSD is fully open from Monday 15th June

NSW Step 2 allows us to only have 10 kids per dance studio, but the Community Center has allowed us to have both studios, so, larger classes will be split with 2 teachers.


ALL classes will be returning from next week!!!!!

All students will be invoiced separately for the additional cost for back in the studio ($5 per class per week).

Please see the Covid-19 Safe NBSD guidelines for returning to face to classes at the studio

The overall plan is that dancers should arrive on time, dance and leave straight away. In order to ensure social distancing all the inside spaces will be closed and parents and students (not dancing) will be asked to wait outside. Only those students dancing and using the toilet will be allowed inside. 

Teachers will meet students outside and escort them into class allowing parents and carers to drop and pick up without coming inside. In wet weather please plan ahead as these guidelines will still apply for now.  We ask that students come dressed for class as changing will be difficult and that they take bags and belongings into class with them and space them 1.5m from others (please no hugs or close contact).

We will be taking extra measures to clean the studio after each class, Students will be asked to sanitise hands before and after class and after barre. Please keep your child(ren) at home if they are unwell and let us know.

It’s a lot to take on, but fantastic to have our dancers with their teachers doing what they love – safely.


Looking forward to seeing all my dancers next week.

Yours in dance

Teresa Geraghty

North Balgowlah School of Dance

Teresa Geraghty (Principal)
Megan Wishart (Admin)
North Balgowlah Dance

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